Antenna Controller
  • For Satellite Communications Earth Station
    Model 9220S Antenna Control System include antenna control unit (ACU) and 9220S antenna drive unit (ADU) ,can be used with antenna for precision satellite tracking and telemetry control applications.
    The Antenna Control System (ACS) is the primary control and monitor interface of the system, featuring a friendly windowing interface and menu-driven configuration. The 9220S ACS uses the latest microprocessor technology to provide accurate antenna positioning, high reliability and maximum system flexibility. The system has the capabilities for rapid multiple satellite access, highly supplicated predictive tracking with inclined orbit satellite, and RS-232,RS-422 or RS-485 remote control communications(Ethernet Interface is option). The ACS is suitable for limit motion antenna with diameter up to 20M.
  • Main Components
  • Model 9220S antenna control unit
        9220S antenna drive unit
    Drive cabinet
    Portable Maintenance Control Unit (PMU)
    100 Meters cables of interconnect cabling
  •  Antenna Controller(Click to view detail):
     9220S Antenna Controller

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