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Tracking Receiver
  • For Tracking Receiver
    STR-13 series Tracking Receiver provide top quality solution for converting RF or IF to DC voltage tracking signal .By using BDC (Block Down Converter), the Tracking Receiver can be used in compliance with C-band and Ku-band signal input.
  • Technical Specifications
  • Operation Band: 800MHz bandwidth
    Input Frequency:950~1750MHz
    Input Total Power Level:-10dBm Max
    Input Level Range:-45~-85dBm
              -55~-105dBm Option
    Output Voltage:0~10V DC (Adjustable)     Modulation Formats: CW/PM/QPSK/BPSK
    Step Size : 10KHz                 Pre-detection Bandwidth:10KHz
    Sweep Bandwidth:250KHz             Acquisition C/No:66dB-Hz for Acquisition
    Tracking Slope:0.5V/dB               Linearity :0.2dB
    Acquisition Time<1sec               M&C Interface: RS232/485
    Power:110/230VAC 47-63Hz            Temperature:0~+50
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     STR-13 Tracking Receiver

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